General guidelines

The Special Issue will be published in the Journal of Science of Computer Programming, following these guidelines:

  1. Submissions should describe original contributions and should not have been published or submitted elsewhere.

  2. Submissions based on conference papers should be extended and include a reference to the corresponding proceedings.

  3. All submissions will be reviewed by at least three reviewers, at most one of which will be sourced from the authors of one of the submissions to the special issue. Thus, submitters should expect to be asked to support in paper review.

  4. Final decisions on accepted papers will be approved by an editor-in-chief.

  5. Manuscripts should be prepared for publication in accordance with instructions given in the Guide for Authors:

  6. Authors should select article type as “MDE Success Stories” in the submission process.

  7. The submission websites of Science and Computer Programming could be found at

Content guidelines

Submissions should answer the following questions:

  1. Give a brief high-level summary of the project.

  2. Summarize what it was about MDE that helped you make a difference in this case. Why could you not have done this without MDE?

  3. Were there any challenges along the way? How did you handle them?

  4. What has happened since the project was completed? What are the following stages for your project? (and will MDE play a role?)

  5. Would you use MDE for similar projects again?

In MDENet, some success stories were reported with similar content as expected in this special issue. You can find these stories and further information in this link. Authors who are unsure about the appropriateness of their contribution concerning the special issue goals are invited to contact the editors.